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How To Make Exercise Fun

When I say the word “gym”, what does that bring up for you? Dread? Fear of judgement? The vision of you having a hot flush mid way through a class and you’ve left your towel at home?


A client said to me recently, “I hate it but I’ve just joined the gym for a year”, how many times have you said that or something similar? We are so obsessed with losing weight that we will be fully prepared to be miserable in order to obtain it. How crazy is that!


Moving your body regularly is so important, but If losing weight is your number 1 goal, then you won’t get the results you want through exercise, not anytime soon anyway. Exercise because it makes you feel good. Exercise for your heart. Exercise for your mind, but do not exercise purely to change how your body looks. Honestly if you take the pressure off yourself, you’ll have a completely different experience, I promise you!


Movement doesn’t have to involve pounding it on the treadmill (unless you love that of course), it can be anything you want. Pick something you love and be prepared to be really bad at it if you have to.


Here are some ideas of alternative options;


1. Zumba

2. Dynamic Yoga

3. Hiking, or simply walking up some hills

4. Dancing in the kitchen

5. Jumping on your kid’s trampoline

6. Wild swimming

7. Paddle-boarding

8. Ride a bike

9. Aerial yoga

10. Boxing

11. Line-dancing

12. Join a team sport

13. Set up a TikTok account and make dance videos

14. Frisbee

15. Skipping with a rope

16. Water fight (probably wait for warmer weather for this one)

17. Hula Hooping

18. Slack-lining

19. Deep clean the house (then come to mine and do mine)

20. LARP (live-action role-playing)


Another great way to appreciate what movement can manipulate how we feel is, at the beginning of your activity, ask your brain to give one-word explaining how you feel. Then after your activity ask yourself the same question. Just wait and see the massive difference in your answers. That’s what you want to hold on to, that end result, that end feeling. 


I’d love to know if you have a weird and wonderful hobby that involves moving your body! And if not, let me know if I’ve given you an idea to try something new. Come follow us on social media and drop us a DM.