Menopausal Self Care Guide

Menopausal Self Care Guide

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Why reducing stress is so important


With work scherdules, family, technology demanding we’re contactable 24/7 and constant negative news blaring out of every electrical device, just to name a few, no wonder that, as women, our stress levels have never been higher. But if youre menopausal, stress is the one thing you really want to reduce and here’s why…


Stress is one of the biggest triggers for menopausal symptoms, it ultimately makes them worse. Without going into too much scientific detail, stress causes sex hormones, such as oestrogen, to reduce. When these hormones reduce cortisol and adrenaline become more dominant, causing the body to feel more stress…see the cycle? This not only causes menopausal symptoms to worsen but also for the body to store more fat…contribting to the menopausal tummy. So reduce stress and potentially reduce the impact of the symptoms. 


One of the quickest ways to suppress the stress/sex hormone cycle is to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and the simplest way to do this is through meditation or thought presence. 


Here’s a list of thought presence activities you may want to try:


Walking in nature 

Tai Chi

Colouring in

Listening to music




Meditation is a powerful tool for all sorts of ailments, but reducing stress is its main benefit. Here’s the thing about meditation, many people think you have to clear your mind completely for 30 minutes for it to be effective. This isn’t the case! It takes time and practice to get a completely clear mind for long periods of time. First start off with doing 5 minutes, if your brain is particularly chatty, that’s okay, just acknowledge the thought and let it pass. It’s an important point to remember that without your brain wandering you wouldn’t be able to bring it back, it’s the bringing it back that defines mediation, so don’t get frustrated if you’re constantly having to bring your mind back to the present. 


Some good meditations we would recommend are;


Anything by Jay Shetty

Meditations by Michael Sealey

Meditations by Calm – Calm provide free sessions on Youtube or, for a larger catalogue, in their app


Taking time for yourself can not only reduce stress but also help improve brain fog. Brain fog is caused by the decline in oestrogen so alongside HRT self-care has been known to drastically help. Here’s some easy ideas on how to take back some more “me-time”.


Read a book

Make your bath indulgent with salts and bubbles

Walk outside on your own

Buy a new body lotion and take the time to rub it in

Stretch to relaxing music


Move your body for fun

Hydrate yourself 

Practice EFT (Drop me an email if you want help with this)


Dance like noone’s watching

Start crafting

Buy yourself a colouring book

Stroke a pet for 20 minutes 

Do a jigsaw puzzle

If you would like more help with reducing stress and anxiety during the menopause, why not book a discovery call and see how we can help. 

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