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Capsule Wardrobe & Colour Analysis

For years I wanted to make a capsule wardrobe for myself but would always fall at the first hurdle! Why? Because I didn’t know my seasonal palette, nor my body type.


What is a capsule wardrobe?


A capsule wardrobe is a selection of clothes, usually small in number, that can create multiple outfits. Capsule wardrobes make it super quick and easy to pull together day to night looks, taking away the day to day stresses of putting those looks together.


Sounds simple right? Not quite. Knowing how to mix and match outfits is a skill. Imagine only having one pair of trousers, a shirt, a jumper, a blazer, a skirt and one pair of jeans and having to make all of these items go together in various outfit combinations. Not to mention that the weather is warming up and suddenly we literally have no items suitable for the change in season!


I’m just going to add fuel to the fire here… do the clothes in your wardrobe go together in terms of colour and seasonal palette? It’s so tempting to pair everything with a pair of black or blue jeans, but if you want to look effortlessly stylish then knowing what colours go together as well as what colours look best on you is key!

So here are our top tips to create your capsule wardrobe


STEP #1: Select Your Base Colour

STEP #2: Choose Your Neutral Coordinating Essentials

STEP #3: Select A Pop of Colour 

STEP #4: Add Layers

STEP #5: Pick your Shoes & Accessories


Be careful not to choose black as your base colour just because it feels safe. Only a small number of people can actually pull off black.


Knowing your colours and your body type will save you time and money when buying clothes, as well as give you the confidence in knowing that whatever you choose from your wardrobe you’ll look amazing in it! If you want to know either then feel free to take a look at what services we provide by clicking here. Take any guesswork out of your shopping trip and you will no longer worry if something looks right. Letting you create more looks with fewer clothes.


Our Colour Analysis service will ensure you go away knowing your:


Investment colours

Accessory colours

Evening colours

Makeup colours


Not only saving you on time when getting ready, but also saving you a tonne of £££ which you would have wasted on clothes that you really don’t need. 


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