Clothing for menopause

Clothing for menopause

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Women during menopause go through a lot; night sweats, bloating, itchy skin, hot flushes, incontinence to name only a few symptoms. Clothes should help with menopausal symptoms right? Not hinder them!


Clothes should be breathable, comfortable, and stylish. Anything that also claims to be anti-microbial and odour repellent gets an A+ from us too!


We’ve researched companies that either specialise in menopausal garment technology or companies that at least provide options for women in menopause, so you don’t have to. 


Here are our top 4…



 Making menopausal clothes accessable to all, Primark has just launched their own range of clothes suitable for those who are suffering from menopausal symptoms. 

 They have breathable nightwear and underwear which help with hot flushes and night sweats. They also boast to have super soft material for those suffering from sensitive skin.

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 Become clothing is a clothing brand, that specifically specialises in menopause clothing. They stock nightwear and basics such as t-shirts and leggings. 

Their technology claims to be quick dry, temperature and odour controlling, antimicrobial and cooling. But the best bit? They offer an amazing 60-day money back guarantee and hassle-free returns!

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This company specialises in breathable and odour controlling wool garments. They are so confident in their clothing range that they even do a 100 day challenge where you wear the same dress for 100 days without washing it (because you wont need to) and they will give you a £100 voucher at the end of the challenge. We love this company because they’re planet conscious and suitable for menopausal women too!

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Fifty One Apparel 

Fifty One Apparel caters for women suffering with menopause symptoms with their unique clothing line using their own formulated technology. Their fabric is made up of Thermocules™, which allows their clothing to regulate your skin’s microclimate. 

What we liked most about this company is their large range of colours for each of their garments. It wasn’t just black, white and beige. 


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